At yachts Puerto Vallarta we strive hard to provide our customers with the best yachts and yacht services at the most competitive rates. We offer custom packages to our customers to fulfill all their requirements.

Yachts Puerto Vallarta, Boat yacht rentals, Yates, Barcos Puerto Vallarta,We value our relationship with customers and have no hidden charges or taxes. We only charge the prices that we quote. Our prices include all the equipment and fuel charges, catering fees and service charges of all the staff including yacht captain and first mate.

If you have any queries regarding our packages and prices, feel free to contact us.

Yachts Puerto Vallarta, Boat yacht rentals, Yates, Barcos Puerto Vallarta,

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does all yacht charter include catering services? Is there any additional fee for it

A. No, not all yacht charters include it and you can select it at a small additional fee. We provide top class catering at the most amazing rates to make your event much more special.

Q. Is drinking allowed on the boat?

A: Yes, we have no restrictions in this regard. You can bring your own drinks and we also offer bar services and drinks for all kinds of yacht parties.

Q. Are there any water sports that we can enjoy?

A: Yes you can enjoy water boarding, snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving and much more*. We provide equipment for certain yachts but there may be some additional fees for it. Our staff is well aware of all the locations suitable for such activities.

Q. Can you explain half day and full day?

A. By Half Day we mean 4 hours and by Full Day we mean 8 hours. We also have other packages and if you wish to surpass the time booked we charge per hour for this.

Q. What is referral gift and how to get it?

A. When you refer a friend to us and he makes a reservation you get a reference from our side. It can be cash up to $150 or a discount on your next yacht rental.

Q. Can we become part of the Yachts Puerto Vallarta team and work as a Broker?

A. Yes. Just fill out the contact form send us your information requesting infomation on how to be part of Yachts Puerto Vallarta.

Q. im A Boat Owner Can I send you my boat or yacht for charter purposes?

A. Yes it is possible. Call us now or fill out our contact form.


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